Stuart Baron & Associates, LLP. is a specialized law practice focusing exclusively on helping employers manage their employees in an increasingly regulated and risky environment. The firm assists clients in two critical areas: controlling workers' compensation claims and preventing related labor/employment law disability discrimination charges. The changing legal landscape has put increasingly complex requirements on public and private sector employers. To meet the current need, Stuart Baron & Associates, LLP. has developed a unique package of training programs, publications and services aimed at creating the necessary awareness and compliance commitment

We find there are two kinds of employers who get into legal trouble: those who stumble into trouble through lack of awareness of the legal land mines along the way and those who are stalled into inaction due to the fear of being sued. Business owners and supervisors need the confidence to make difficult business decisions in an increasingly regulated environment. They also need the tools to manage effectively, yet legally.

Your company may be insured against mistakes in judgment or have access to attorneys if you are sued. But wouldn't it be better to be well-trained in potential risks and to avoid litigation altogether? The knowledge you need to deal with today's legal issues is not so complex that it cannot be understood.

Stuart Baron & Associates, LLP. helps public and private sector employers operate in difficult legal areas efficiently and confidently. Our customized training programs and series of publications provide your company with accurate, up-to-date information and techniques, enabling you to anticipate and identify situations that may affect your bottom line. We can also consult with you on personnel and policy development and enforcement. We are experts at designing and implementing proactive management systems that will keep your company operating in step with the legal issues of the day. SBA offers training for all managerial levels, as well as employees, to make sure they understand the regulations and the consequences of ignoring them.