About SBA Law - Patricia Eyres

Patti calls herself a "recovering litigator," who knows, first-hand, the value of paying attention to prevention. After spending 18 years defending companies in the courtroom, she resolved to help business leaders recognize potential legal landmines before they explode into lawsuits. As a lawyer, trainer and consultant, she brings a unique and practical perspective to the critical legal issues impacting the workplace.

Ms. Eyres speaks internationally, consults with organizations on developing and enforcing effective policies, and trains managers to lead within legal limits. Her workshops focus on methods for preventing costly lawsuits or minimizing disruption when unavoidable claims occur. She is one of only 520 professional speakers in the world to have earned the National Speakers Association's Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, the speaking profession's international measure of professional platform skill and proven professional achievement.

She serves as an independent harassment/discrimination investigator, and trains HR professionals to conduct misconduct investigations. She also works with employers to enact and enforce personnel policies that keep her clients managing — not litigating.