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Integrated Employment Practices Program — Enact ... Enforce ... Educate

Executive Summary
Lawsuits by current and former employees are becoming commonplace. Claims of discriminatory practices are flooding government agencies. Jury damage awards are increasăing at an alarming rate. A maze of federal and state laws governing the processes of hiring, compensating, evaluating, disciplining and discharging employees are enacted each year, adding to employers' burden of regulating their workplaces legally and profitably.

On top of that, in union workplaces the terms of collective bargaining agreements must be addressed in the context of both discretionary policies and legally mandated processes. Large employers with many diverse departments or multi-state operations face even greater challenges in assuring that their policies are consistently applied while still addressing unique state or local requirements.

Many managers and supervisors today are unaware of the legal pitfalls inherent in management of the workplace. Worse yet, those who are informed are often pressured into keeping unproductive employees in their positions due to fear of lawsuits. Business leaders face critical management decisions regarding employee relations. They need the tools to do so productively, yet legally.

Our attorneys and risk management specialists are experts in designing proactive personnel management systems and employment policies to assist multi-jurisdictional employers operating in step with the latest legal requirements, not litigating. We offer a comprehensive and customized compliance program to meet their special, individualized needs.

Program Specifics
We will review existing personnel policies and procedures to identify regulatory compliance gaps, outdated policies or imprecise procedures. We take your business step by step through a thorough analysis of enforceable employment practices. We accomplish this phase through an initial meeting with key managers, a comprehensive questionnaire and a follow up detailed conference to assess the data we collect. The Assessment culminates with a written analysis of recommended changes, updating or enhancement of their current personnel practices, coupled with a detailed scope of work plan, including costs and implementation schedule.

Value to employers with multiple worksites or geographic locations: Each organization will be able to pinpoint exactly where their policies require updating or new procedures are necessary. The checklists will address policies in three areas; (1) those that are mandated by law; (2) have legal ramifications (such as disciplinary actions or sick leave) or (3) are recommended for risk prevention. Our legal experts are available to help guide the organizations through the checklists, or to answer questions about the scope of the information required.

Step One: Comprehensive Evaluation of Personnel Policies and Practices We undertake a comprehensive review and analysis of the company's current policies and practices — both written and unwritten. This process facilitates evaluation of current compliance programs. We determine whether existing written policies comply with federal and state law and recommend revisions or updates to assure that you are not subject to government penalties or employee lawsuits.

We take the organization step by step through an analysis of what to include in an employee handbook and how to assure consistent enforcement of practices mandated by federal and state laws that apply to multi-state organizations. This forms the basis for the work completed in Step Two.

Step Two: Enact and Enforce Comprehensive, Integrated Policies

Step Three: Educate Managers, Supervisors and HR Professionals