Resources - Interactive Process Manual

We work directly with clients to customize a step-by-step manual for HR professionals and leaders to conduct and document the interactive process. This resource is not a general off the shelf document. It is an in-depth, customized roadmap for assuring that your actions work for the organization — not against it — in the courtroom.

The IP Manual is composed of policies, procedures, and guidelines for large and small organizations to follow as they conduct the interactive process and make reasonable accommodation decisions for employees with occupational and non-occupational disabilities, as defined by California FEHA. It includes documentation guidelines, formats and forms that districts may use in whole or may adapt to their needs.

The firm's legal professionals can customize your IP manual for the specific needs of your organization, including annotated cross references to existing policies, so that any adaptations are useable and ultimately defensible.

The IP Manual is intended to complement existing policies/procedures for return to work decisions, modified duty assignments and leaves of absence administration. The functions of this comprehensive IP Manual are: