About SBA Law - Stuart Baron

Stu is a nationally recognized expert on managing workers' compensation claims. He is both President of Workers' Compensation Claims Control as well as a principal in the law firm of Stuart Baron & Associates. Over the years, he has helped hundreds of employers reduce their financial exposure on workers' compensation claims and improve their bottom line. His experience as both a lawyer and a Third Party Claims Administrator has helped him in the development of a multi-faceted program designed to bring cost containment to the workers' compensation arena.

The WCCC program integrates management, medical, loss control, claims management and litigation control into a comprehensive package of management "tools" developed specifically for employers. WCCC helps create a "team" approach to the handling of workers' compensation claims as well as other related problems.

Stuart has been heavily involved in advocacy in Sacramento. He is quoted frequently by major workers' compensation and trade journals and is recognized as a leader in proactive management of workers' compensation claims in the public and private sectors.