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Introducing the Stuart Baron & Associates, LLP. Trainer on Retainer Hotline™
Real-Time Help with Real-World Problems™.
Did you ever attend a full day of training and return to work with job-enhancing skills? Were you then hesitant to put principles into practice in "real world" complex employment situations? Does your valuable training manual still sit on a bookshelf because you haven't had time to look at it, and you can't recall the specifics you learned for using its tools effectively? Have you found yourself wishing you could just pick up a phone and call the trainer with additional questions that come up days, weeks, or even months after the workshop? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by questions you or your front-line supervisors have about how to handle a particular personnel action? Are you reluctant to call a professional for employment law advice because you will be billed by the hour for every minute of that call?

If you answered any question "yes," you need SBA's Trainer on Retainer Hotline™ — NOW
No matter how terrific the trainer, as a busy professional you simply can't absorb everything you must know in order to comply with the complex requirements of California's employment laws. It is difficult to apply the information learned in a single program to the situations you face daily. Our comprehensive manual, coupled with an acclaimed interactive workshop, provides a wealth of information that you will need to integrate into your daily job responsibilities. However, that takes time as well as reinforcement and practice.

At Stuart Baron & Associates, LLP., we understand the frustration of returning to work full of valuable information only to have questions pop up when you begin to implement what you have learned in the context of actual situations you're facing. As you begin to implement the techniques for conducting and documenting the FEHA interactive process, you will have questions and need additional guidance. That's natural.

You can avoid frustration, maintain continuity in your learning curve and gain confidence — simply by putting your Trainer on Retainer. Through this unique, cost-effective hotline our experienced lawyers are accessible to answer questions, provide concrete counseling, and deliver confidential legal advice — precisely when you need it. For a flat, monthly retainer you may call, fax, or email us for real-time help as you work through real-world problems in your workplace. We encourage you to contact us before you act. We would rather spend productive minutes keeping you out of trouble than many hours and thousands of dollars getting you out of trouble.

You will communicate directly with the experts who wrote the definitive manual on the interactive process and designed the one-of-a-kind training program. We provide the continuity you need to maximize your investment and stay on top of your job responsibilities as the law and regulations develop and change.

With your Trainer on Retainer Hotline™ you will:

Who Supports the Trainer on Retainer Hotline™?

Stuart Baron & Associates, LLP. (SBA) is a specialized law practice focusing exclusively on helping employers manage their employees in an increasingly regulated and risky environment. The firm assists clients in two critical areas: controlling workers' compensation claims and preventing related labor/employment law disability discrimination charges. SBA's legal professionals are experts in advising employers on how to comply with Federal and California employment laws. Drawing upon lessons learned from training hundreds of HR professionals and managers on how to engage in the interactive process, make reasonable accommodation decisions and maintain defensible documentation, we will guide you through the maze of conflicting laws and regulations that govern your personnel actions.

Patricia S. Eyres calls herself a "recovering litigator," who knows first-hand the value of paying attention to prevention. After spending 18 years defending companies in the courtroom, she resolved to help business leaders recognize potential legal landmines before they explode into lawsuits. As a lawyer, trainer and consultant, she brings a unique and practical perspective to the critical legal issues impacting the workplace. Ms. Eyres speaks internationally, consults with organizations on developing and enforcing effective policies, and trains managers and HR professionals to lead within legal limits. She is a principal in Stuart Baron & Associates, LLP., in addition to serving as Publisher/CEO of Proactive Law Press, LLC.

Stuart J. Baron is a nationally recognized expert on managing workers' compensation claims. He is President of Workers' Compensation Claims Control and a principal in the law firm of Stuart Baron & Associates, LLP. Over the years, he has helped hundreds of employers reduce their financial exposure on workers' compensation claims and improve their bottom line. His experience as both a lawyer and a Third Party Claims Administrator has helped him in the development of a multi-faceted program designed to bring cost containment to the workers' compensation arena. SBA's programs provide innovative solutions to your pressing employment law and workers' compensation challenges.

Investment in the SBA Trainer on Retainer Hotline™ will help your Business: