Training & Workshops - Staffing Agencies       

Introduces owners and managers of staffing agencies to the unique issues that arise in the unique relationship between the staffing agency as employer and their client as the site employer. Leaders learn how to enact and enforce effective policies and adopt practical skills to protect their organization from catastrophic exposure.

As a staffing agency, do your managers understand your organization's risks, rights and responsibilities under California FEHA? Are you certain that you have appropriate policies and procedures to facilitate the interactive "meet and confer" process with an employee of your agency when an assignment is made or considered? Have you communicated effectively with your clients (the site employer), through policies and contractual provisions, to assure that your employees are protected from disability discrimination and harassment? Do you know who is legally liable if a first line supervisor at a client's worksite discriminates, harasses or retaliates an employee who is disabled under FEHA's broad mandates? Will your contracts and documentation hold up in a civil jury trial under FEHA?

Participants Will Learn To: