Training & Workshops - Supervisors & Managers       

Provides practical skills for managing in this legal minefield. Through interactive case studies, leaders learn the do's and taboo's that can make — or break — their organization's defense to an ADA or FEHA lawsuit.

Are your managers and line supervisors the weakest link in your compliance program? Do they know what to say - and what not to say - to an employee who returns to work following a work-related injury? Do they know their responsibilities when dealing with disabled employees who request a reasonable accommodation? Will they recognize when the circumstances trigger the legal duty to engage in the "interactive process" for addressing a reasonable accommodation decision? Are your policies and procedures updated with the 2005 legislative mandates? Do your supervisors know how to enforce them consistently? Will their documentation and email communications make - or break - your company's defense to a FEHA lawsuit?

Participants Will Learn To: