Training & Workshops - Train the Trainer Certification Programs       

An In-Depth, Interactive Workshop on How to Enforce Rights, Fulfill Responsibilities and Develop Defensible Documentation. Training programs with a legal compliance component are unique, even for experienced trainers. They require both thorough content understanding and an engaging and non threatening approach. To prepare trainers to effectively conduct this legal training, the primary objectives are:

Measurable Learning Outcomes
After participating in this workshop, discussing the concepts, and fully participating in interactive skill-building, trainers will be able to:

Workshop Description
Participation in a full day workshop will enable the trainers to observe and participate in the workshop and to master the technical information and content.

The second day of the skills workshop will provide ample opportunity for practice, coaching and critique. During the second day, each trainer will have an opportunity to present an entire or significant portion of the two-hour employee workshop. Emphasis will be placed on frequently asked questions and appropriate responses, how to encourage interactive discussion and key learning points in the underlying workshop.

Requirements For Certification
To complete the certification, trainers will attend and actively participate in the two day workshop and shall satisfactorily complete an individual assessment. In addition, each trainer shall observe one management and one employee workshop conducted live to a representative group by SBA. Each trainer shall then conduct one four-hour management workshop, to be personally observed and evaluated by Eyres.

Proactive Law Press, LLC. owns the concept, presentation approach and visual aids for both versions of the I+D = I.P.™ Ten Step System for Engaging in the Interactive Process and the train the trainer workshop and has licensed the program exclusively to Stuart Baron & Associates, LLP. PLP and SBA shall retain all rights thereto.

Your organization will own and shall retain the copyright on all policies, procedures and internal management guidelines developed for or in conjunction with the original workshops and this certification program. To the extent that these materials are incorporated in or referenced by the course materials, Facilitator's Guide and/or visual aids, they will remain the sole and exclusive property of your organization.

Course Materials License
Following certification of the trainers, PLP and SBA will license the course materials for use in subsequent workshops. PLP and SBA reserves the absolute right to amend or modify the materials in the event that legal precedents change, and will notify the certified trainers within thirty (30) days of determination that the course materials are no longer useable in their current form. The fee, if any, for modification of the materials will be determined at the time PLP and SBA and the certified trainer reach agreement on the necessary modifications.

SBA will also be available to update the course materials for either or both of the workshops to incorporate changes in company policies and/or complaint procedures. The fee, if any, for such updates shall be negotiated at the time the changes are requested. The course materials shall be used and distributed solely in conjunction with workshops presented by the certified trainers. The audio visual Power Point presentations shall be used solely in conjunction with workshops presented by the certified trainers.