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An In-Depth, Interactive Workshop on How to Enforce Rights, Fulfill Responsibilities and Develop Defensible Documentation

Workshop Description
Are your HR professionals and managers aware of the staggering changes to California law that have made disability discrimination the newest "bet the company" litigation? Are they prepared to handle return to work and reasonable accommodation decisions properly for both work and non-work related injuries or illness? Are they trained to correctly conduct the detailed, specific "interactive process," required by law?

This workshop introduces the SBA Interactive Process (IP) Manual that introduces an easy to implement ten step system that will enable your organization to meet its legal and policy responsibilities, stay out of court and craft the best prospect for defending against unavoidable claims and lawsuits.

The changing legal climate in California mandates knowledgeable and skilled HR specialists in your organization. Here is why:

Drawing upon many years' experience in the courtroom and the boardroom, and unique insights from consulting with employers on discrimination and controlling workers' compensation claims, Patricia S. Eyres and Stuart J. Baron, take you step-by-step through the maze of ever-expanding legal risks you face today. You can protect your company and gain peace of mind when you pay attention to prevention, follow consistent procedures, and know what to do when trouble strikes.

Participants Will Learn To: